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Theatrical Energy Management

Theatrical Energy Management

ProDesign Lighting - one of Australia's leading specialist lighting consultancies - is now delivering cost saving energy management solutions to the entertainment and arts industry. More »

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About ProDesign

ProDesign is a specialist lighting consultancy offering a flexible approach to providing lighting solutions from consultancy to the management of event logistics More »

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Energy management solutions

Specific to lighting, this service can be offered as independent advice or in conjunction with specialist lighting consultancy.

Energy management involves conducting a detailed appraisal of your site, from an entire property to an individual room.

We assess and monitor energy use, energy charges per unit, maintenance replacement costs in order to create a picture of your individual needs.

We guarantee to reduce your overall energy consumption as well as associated costs of frequently changing globes (light bulbs) and equipment while maintaining the ambient integrity of your site.

ProDesign has created solutions for hotels, resorts and convention centres  and we are now able to extend our services to theatres.

Our theatrical energy management solutions are unique and specifically directed at existing theatres needing to upgrade. For more information, please contact us.

For more details about ProDesign’s energy management or to discuss your requirements, please feel free to contact us.

(To view examples of how effective ProDesign’s energy solutions can be, visit our case studies)

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