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Bali Hyatt

Bali Hyatt

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WBS-202 Powered Base Station

The WBS 202 base station is designed to operate in stand alone or “Master” mode enabling full duplex clear and secure communication with up to four beltpacks on each of the 2 channels and the base operator in simultaneous party line mode.

For large system operation, the unit can be used in “Slave” mode by wiring units across the coverage area, so expanding the number of wireless users in a cellular arrangement.

Dual pre-amble diversity antenna system, detects and RADIO selects the higher radio signal ensuring better coverage and minimum drop-outs.  Digital encryption process allows high security conversations.

Up to 20 wired beltpacks can be used on the 2 channel wired section of the base.  Communications between both wired and wireless are selectable.

Special operational features include...

  • Muting of beltpack mics and call buzzers
  • Selectable On, Off or PTT option on mic
  • Selectable A/B or Mix option
  • Selectable A/B Program Line or Mic input
  • Beltpack 'In-Range' register
  • Stage Announce Output

System features include...

  • Digital, encrypted communications
  • License free frequency operation
  • DIVERSITY antenna system for minimum dropout
  • Base station with up to 4 wireless beltpacks
  • Base station can drive up to 20 wired beltpacks
  • Lighweight beltpacks with dual, internal antennas
  • 10 Hours battery life in full duplex
  • Available in 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz bands



  • Frequency: 1.9 Ghz band
  • Modulation: GFSK/TDMA
  • Transmit Power: 22 dBm typically
  • Receive Sensitivity: -92 dBm typically
  • Beltpacks per base capability: 8xWBP-200 single channel or 6xWBP-200 & 2xWBP-202 dual channel


  • Party line Channels: 2 Channels: A and B selectable
  • Program Input: Selectable Mic/Line input level
  • Audio Out: Party line or Mic only selectable
  • Stage Announce Out: Allows PA announces from mic base and from Manager beltpacks
  • Headset type: Selectable, dynamic or electret
  • Headset connectors: 4 pin XLR male & 4 pin mini XLR


  • Power requirements: 90 to 250 VAC / 50-60 Hz/ 40 Watt
  • Dimensions/weight: 482X210 mm, 1U HE / 3 Kg
  • Optional antennaes are also available for extended range.
  • The wired connection is compatible with Production Intercom, Clear-Com™ and similar compatible 2 and 4 wire


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