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Grand Hyatt Bali

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Grand Hyatt Bali

The Grand Hyatt in Bali commissioned ProDesign to evaluate the external lighting usage around the property, both for safety and aesthetics.

As a part of the evaluation, power logs of the main incoming supply were taken at various locations around the property at both the supply point and at the distributed load position.

The results showed that the property would benefit from a lighting upgrade and the implementation of an energy management system.  This would also reduce the potential damage from an erratic power supply and eliminate an inrush current problem on several supply feeds.

Energy Management Implementation at 5%

  • Percentage Saving  -  22.02%

Uncontrolled Supply at 5% Over Voltage

  • Percentage Lost  -  28.47%

Worst Case Scenario

  • The Lighting Costs could be 50.49% more than they need to be

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"Your advice and knowledge in the latest lighting technology enabled us to plan and coordinate future development plans so that not only would it be economical, but also appealing to concerned tourists and guests who frequently visit our property."

Jye E West
Director of Engineering - Grand Hyatt Bali

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